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FREELY ACCESSIBLE MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS coming soon to New Jersey schools.

Read the official press release here which includes quotes from five of our coalition members. Video of the signing can be viewed below and photos that we took are here. More can be found here on the Governor's Flickr site.  The youth that we worked with are featured in this video tweeted today from the Governor's official account


Starting in the 2024-25 school year, you should find free menstrual products in at least 50% of female and all-gender bathrooms in public school buildings serving grades 6-12. If menstrual products are not available in your school after September 2024, notify your school administration. Tell them they are required by New Jersey law and that the State will pay for them.


ABOUT THE LAW. New Jersey Senate Bill 1221 signed into law in August 2023 requires public school districts to provide free menstrual products in female and all gender bathrooms in schools serving grades 6-12. The costs will be borne by the state of New Jersey.

WHY WE NEED IT. Research shows that students who lack access to menstrual products experience higher rates of absenteeism and are less able to focus in the classroom. New Jersey’s best-in-the-nation education system funds all essential items needed for students to be successful in school—now menstrual products will be included on the list. The provision of menstrual products will help ensure New Jersey provides equal access to education and enables its students to reach their full potential, irrespective of gender.

WATCH THIS SPACE to learn more regarding implementation as the Department of Education creates their guidelines!


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