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Women's Race

{Our Coalition}

Period shame and period stigma are real in every community throughout our country. Nowhere is it more obvious than in the lack of factual, scientific studies surrounding the issue of menstrual equity. In order to achieve menstrual equity, as Jennifer WeissWolf says in her 2017 book Periods Gone Public,  “… we must have laws and policies that ensure menstrual products are safe and affordable and available for those who need them… If access is compromised, whether by poverty or stigma or lack of education and resources, it is in all of our interests to ensure those needs are met.”

Equality, Period. is a statewide coalition formed to advance Menstrual Equity in the state. Our mission is to remove period stigma, period poverty and barriers to period product access through policy change and advocacy. Our members reflect a wide scope of New Jersey populations that work on these issues, and include medical providers, legal experts, policy experts, community-based organizations, youth-led movements and groups that fight for rights of menstruating individuals across the state.

We invite you to join the movement.

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{Our Founder}

Anjali Mehrotra is a fierce advocate for the rights of women and the LGBTQ+ community. As President of the New Jersey chapter of the National Organization for Women she became involved in the menstrual equity movement and started working on legislation. In 2020, she founded Equality, Period. NJ,  the first state-wide coalition working on menstrual equity bringing together like-minded organizations to fight for a common goal - ending period stigma and poverty through advocacy, policy change, movement building, and direct action. Click here to learn more about Anjali's work.

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